Protection and Aftercare

Survivors of abuse and exploitation receive shelter and exceptional care at our residential center.

Empowerment and Resilience

We offer survivors of trauma and exploitation the opportunity to take control of their lives, process their trauma, enroll in school, learn the Thai language and be prepared to enter the work force.

Protection and Aftercare

We offer residential care for girls and young women who have survived sexual abuse, human trafficking, or other types of trauma. We provide room and board, education, counseling, life skills training, and other therapeutic activities.

Domestic Violence Aftercare

We provide short-term shelter and care for survivors of domestic abuse. Residents have access to counseling and social work support while they recover and make plans for their future.

There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.
-Mary Rose McGeady

Sarah’s* parents suffered from substance use disorders, and she and her siblings were subjected to severe domestic violence and neglect. One day, Sarah’s father burned down their house in a drunken rage. Another day, Sarah witnessed her mother, while under the influence of drugs, murder her youngest sister. When Sarah was 14, she had the courage to leave. She walked 28 km (17 miles) to a Christian hostel and asked for refuge. Shortly after this she was referred to the NLCF.

Sarah entered junior high school, and it was during this period that she experienced a call to ministry. After graduating from high school, and with continued NLCF scholarship support, she attended the McGilvary College of Divinity. After receiving her B.A. in Theology, Sarah received a call to serve as the pastor of a local church.

Sarah’s success is a tribute to her incredible resilience, and the healing power of the Spirit of God. Her story is also a success story of “us” – the NLCF staff, counsellors, donors, teachers and pastors who saw her leadership potential and invested in her!

Survivors Who Received Aftercare Services

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