Human Trafficking Prevention

Girls and young women are particularly vulnerable to persistent gender discrimination, gender-based violence, and sexual exploitation.

Rapid urbanization, environmental controls, and shifting citizenship regulations have changed the circumstances of tribal people in the Mekong Subregion, making it more difficult to sustain their traditional way of life. Driven by limited economic opportunities and systemic family problems such as abuse, divorce and addiction, many young tribal people leave their rural villages in search of education and employment. They often end up in abusive and/or exploitative labor situations.

The US Department of State 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report stated that, “human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Thailand” and that, “Members of ethnic minorities, highland persons, and stateless persons in Thailand have experienced instances of abuse indicative of trafficking…

Labor traffickers exploit migrant workers in commercial fishing and related industries, the poultry industry, manufacturing, agriculture, domestic work, and street begging.”

Internet Safety Training

We provide training to help communities understand the risks that are present on the internet and how to safely use the internet and avoid exploitation.

Antitrafficking Awareness

Many tribal women leave their rural villages in Thailand and neighboring countries to seek employment. We train at-risk communities to find safe employment and avoid exploitation and human trafficking. This includes how to recognize trafficking, how to report trafficking and what to do if they are trafficked or exploited.

Communities that are aware of the risk factors for human trafficking have fewer trafficking cases.

“Violations of human rights are both a cause and a consequence of trafficking in persons, making the promotion and protection of human rights particularly relevant in the fight against it.”
– Kara Napolitano

Anti-Trafficking Trainings Conducted

People Trained in Anti-Trafficking Awareness

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