Changing lives

Changing communities

Empowering tribal women in the upper Mekong Subregion to create positive change in their lives and communities by disrupting cycles of abuse and injustice that disproportionately affect women.

Building partnerships by providing:

Social Work and Family Support

We empower tribal women to pursue good mental and relational health for themselves and their families.

Human Trafficking Prevention

We train tribal communities to be aware of the risks that migratory employment and the internet pose to their safety.

Economic Empowerment

We provide access to academic and vocational training that gives tribal women the skills they need to support themselves.

Protection and Aftercare

We provide shelter and exceptional care for survivors of abuse and exploitation at our residential center.

Every tribal woman deserves to live in a safe, healthy family where she is valued and has access to education and economic opportunities.

Help us provide opportunities that empower tribal women to create change in their lives, families and communities.

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