Faith Based of New Life Center Foundation


Residents at the New Life Center Foundation come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, including tribal religions (primarily animism); Buddhist traditions, Islam, and Christianity (both Protestant and Roman Catholic).This diversity adds richness to our experience together, and each resident’s spiritual journey is respected and honored.

The Hebrew and Greek scriptures of the Bible are replete with the mandate to promote social and economic justice, and dignity for all persons. These Judeo-Christian principles are foundational to our understanding of God and ourselves, and inspire us in this work.

The staff of the New Life Center seek to glorify God through restoring dignity to young women who have experienced any form of abuse and/or discrimination. Prayer is a part of our common life together, and we hope that every resident will experience the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through the care she receives.

During their time at the New Life Center, residents have opportunities to voluntarily participate in Bible studies, youth activities, devotional times, and an annual "Vacation Bible Camp". Discipleship training classes and baptism services are offered for residents who decide to become followers of Jesus Christ.

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